Weekend de Luxe

Despite the cold and the snow, Moshe Moshi and I ventured out of the homestead Saturday on the invitation of our friend Julia Jordan of Four Winds Books (rare/vintage book reseller ).  Some of her wonderful and unique books were and are available at a new store whose opening we attended.

Chien de Luxe is a boutique shop on MacArthur Blvd in NW Washington DC,  catering to the pet and pet lover in all of us.  It is owned  and attached to WDC's newest pet practice Palisades Veterinary Clinic.

Along with Julia's books (cat and dog themed) we were floored by the array of art, chaskis, clothing and carriers BAGS (Ms. Coco, I'll have to invite your and your assistant, Teri up for lunch so you can see your next carrier).

 The  art is exceptional and though there are several artist works showcased at the store, Sherry Kendall of Wagging Tails Portraits was in attendance to to show some of her latest works.  We hope to feature and talk more in depth with Ms. Kendall in a later post.

Sherry Kendall is not pictured in this photo, but this was one of her pieces at the opening.

With wine and cheese and good cheer, all who attended found the new boutique very warm and inviting.  Moshe Moshi fit right in with the decor.  We may have to rent him out as the display changes.

Chien de Luxe is located at 5140 MacArthur Blvd. NW, Washington DC, 20016.  Their hours are Mon-Sat, 10-7, Sun. 11-5.  Bring your fuzzy/furry kid and check it out.

Postscript: because I know my readership very well I have the following comment;  no one left their cake out in the rain (MacArthur Park).

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