The Artist in Me (and my phone)

I haven't always been able to play with apps on my phone.  Previous to my current phone (Galaxy Note 3, or as my friend refers to it "That Big-Ass Phone), the fonts on the applications were just too small for me to see.  Being able to use my Smartphone completely is a huge benefit for me.  One thing I get to do is play with all my pictures of the cats.

I started playing with some of the graphics apps using this pic of Moshe Moshi:

Several apps were just junk; not doing much more than one task or you had to pay for several add-ons to make it worth your while.  The following are all free, and I think they are all available on Android and iPhone.

Photo Studio has a vast range of filters and quite a few stickers and overlays to create a decent post-pic.  I liken it to Pixlr Xpress.  

Sketch Guru does just what it suggest, turns your pics into sketches.  It also does color pencil and watercolor very well.

PicsArt Photo Studio does a little of the above and also give you many backgrounds and the ability to place filters on specific spots in your pictures.

You want to do the more complicated stuff on your computer I'm sure, but Social media being an in the moment kinda thing it best to have an app on your phone or pad to create on the go.

I'll show more picture results as I play the apps and become more proficient.  Hope you're having as much fun with your phone as I am! 


  1. Cool photo creations! You are right about being able to edit on the phone. I wish my phone was able to take higher quality photos so I could use them. Oh well. The smoke is a very cool effect!

    1. I usually bought my phone when the new model came out L's buy the previous year model to save money. This was the first phone I bought when I first came on the market. Best derision. Pictures are Hi Res. Great purchase.


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