FaceBook @ 10

So FaceBook has been up for 10 years.  I have to admit, if not for my so-called friends not including me in on events I would not have signed up; "Oh, you didn't get the message?! You must not be on FaceBook."  What's wrong with an email people, it still works.

That being said I have met many people all around the planet that only FB (or my military career) would have exposed me to. In order to stay connected I freely gave up the last vestiges of my privacy to share my next crocheted afghan and exploit my cats on the inter-webs.  But I have also found useful products, services and information that seemed harder to find with a web-search, and not unlike the reasons I started doing yarn craft in groups and going to pet events, I found the reason I needed to get out of the house and into the world.

So for that, thank you Mark Z.

Here’s my Facebook movie, surprise, it's full of cats. Find yours at https://facebook.com/lookback/#FacebookIs10

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  1. I'm glad you decided to join the world of Facebook! I think we all exploit our cats on there a bit :)


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