Photos in Hibernation

I take tons of pictures of the cats, of course, this is a cat blog, so that makes sense.   A good portion of those is taken while they are asleep.

They spend a good deal of time asleep, especially during winter months.   Part of this is my fault.  I tend to keep the environment fresh due to my allergies (and being a bit menopausal).   I breathe easier, but coolness makes them seek warmth; nothing better than fuzzy fleece, ergo they sleep.  When the weather is warmer, they get plenty of sunshine.  For allergies it's more important to keep your environment more dry than cool, I deal with the sweating.

Get plenty of pics of them awake too but,  they are so precious when they sleep (ah, hey cuties).

1 comment:

  1. We agreez. Nothing cuter than when we kittehs are snoozing! We love that last photo!


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