Happy New Year Tu B'Shvat

I feel quite lucky in that we get to experience five New Years in 365 days.  There is the new year that happens every January 1st, the new year that happens on the 1st of Tishrei and the other three that seasonally occur .

You Probably know by now it's a Jewish thing ☺.

Is this just not the coolest graphic for this post!  Perfect for Tu B'Shvat and naked cat lovers!  I found it at
The day is Tu B'Shvat - New Year of the Trees.  It's an analogy of sorts; the Torah compares the Hebrew People to trees.  But instead of getting into the religious details, think of it as a time of renewal.  Biologically, trees awake and start the pollination process from to very early Spring (we are only eight weeks from the start of Spring) so think about it. You are slowly peeling away the things in your life that keep you dormant; from moving forward on personal growth.  We mark the occasion by eating that which grows from trees, Fruits. In the past, I held a Seder for this holiday.  I would serve a harvest meal, no meat, just fruits and veggies, bread and lots of wine (gotta love a religion that encourages wine consumption).  My friends talk and reflect on what we need to do for growth and how we can help each other obtain those goals.

I think my goal for next Tu B'Shvat will be to start that practice again.  In the meantime, have an apple or a tangerine; it good for what ails you.

Want to know more, check out this neat infographic from Aish.com.  You can click on it to see it in PDF form.


  1. Happy Tu B'Shevat! We're honoring today too! :-)
    Amazing (and encouraging) to think spring is only 8 weeks away - thankfully.

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