Blessed are the Cats

Six days a week we work, eat, sleep, exercise . . . And we also pray. Then, on the seventh, we pause to reconnect with the Creator. Now prayer is not just another item on the task list; it’s part of the day’s definition. Without the pressures and distractions of the workweek, we become more contemplative and focused, just the state required for real prayer.

Shabbat focuses on our relationship with our Creator, our family, our individual life and our life with the community as a single, whole component. Because I have no human children in my home, I wanted to include the kidz in my Friday night rituals, Shabbat being especially important to me.  Including the kidz just seems natural.  If you are Jewish like me and want to consider including your floor babies in your prayers, I found this on and think it does well to inspire any pet or pet parent.

Blessing Animals on Friday Night

Ritual Component: These blessings were written to be used on Erev Shabbat. Their timing is meant to parallel the blessing of children.

Blessings for Cats

Yesimkha Elohim ka-aryot ha-sadeh
May God make you like the lions of the veldt.
[by Rabbi Ya’akov Adler]

Yesimkha Elohim ki-Yehuda ha-aryeh
May God make you like the lion of Judah.
[by Rabbi Anna Rosenfield]

Blessing for Dogs

Yesimkha Elohim ke-kalev ha-ne-eman
May God make you like Caleb, the loyal one.

I think it's wonderful to include your pets in your devotion, after all, they too are G*d's creations.

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