Preparing for the Magic Kingdom

No, we are not going to Florida or California.  My kingdom will always be the Smithsonian.
The kidz are going to hang out with me and have a holiday visit at the Smithsonian Castle on Tuesday.   They have been to work with me before but never all day.  Other than being a treat for me, they get to meet some of the people in their growing fan club.  They will also have their picture taken in front of the Castle Christmas tree.

The hardest part of this is getting the stroller in winter mode.  The kidz don't go out much during the winter months for obvious reasons except for Vet visits and the occasional promotional event to which they are driven.  This time we have to stroll across the National Mall for a 13 - minute walk.  Considering the stroller isn't much more than thin nylon mesh, we had to come up with some modifications to keep them warm for the trip.   Double-stranded crochet backs and polar fleece with padded/insulated bottoms covered in more polar fleece and their kitty cocoons (we are doing an artist interview on this) should do the trick.   They also will be dressed in their winter best, so I think we got this.

There will be pictures later, wish us luck. 
There is much to do at the Smithsonian during the holidays; consider a visit to the museums (they're free) or to Zoolights at the National Zoo.

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