Photo Shoot Featuring Maus

Delightful, Delicious,  De-Lovely, De-Maus.

Though none of these pictures were easy to get, I have to say Miss Maus was the most fun and the easiest to shoot.  She is the epitome of cuteness.  She is SICKENING in her pine/Holly dress.  Of course that snowman hat,  OMC, OMC....what can I say?  That's my baby.

Many thanks to Roni Golberg for another great hat and Tammy Peace who was able to pull this wonder dress off for me in record time. And, to RuPaul's Drag Race and Shangela for giving me the idea and the courage to dream this stuff up.  By the way;
  • Sickening (adj.) sik-en-ng Drag slang: A creature or item that is so spectacular or fabulous that it makes one ill even to look at it. 

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