Looking Back, 2013

Another year passes, full of joys and sorrows. I won't miss it, but I'm glad we went through it.

In 2013 we said goodbye to a few of our friends, none more painful than Skeezix, the original Cat Fashionista of Skeezyville and MouseBreath, and Piggy from The Little Pink Pig Blog. Both cats (and Cat Moms) were of great inspiration to us. Not a week goes by where we don’t think of something we learned or laughed at in their blogs.

Coffee, Cats n' Yarn, our first blog ended earlier this month.  A sudden shift in our life routine made it impossible for me to care for the kidz well (and me too) and maintain all of our social media projects.  My passion is my kidz, and since most people come to us for them, we decided to recreate ourselves as Naked and Hungry.com.

Daisy, the Curly Cat blog, ended this year. You can still catch Daisy and Harley on the PetMeds health blog along with other animal friends and their FaceBook page, but we'll miss the regular postings. Perfectly Parker’s Blog also ended (or is transitioning). Parker had passed in 2012, and Diamond Doggie passed earlier this year. Their “Rents” are on their way back to KSMO. We hope to see them with a new blog with their new additions to the family.

Our greatest challenge and our greatest joy all happened within a year; we almost lost Maus to Kidney Disease. Jake also sustained kidney damage. We speculate that they ingested medications left out by a negligent house guest. Moshe Moshi did not manage to get into anything, thankfully, but it did give us a new vigor in making sure things that are toxic to the kidz are properly managed and stored. Though we know this new condition for both kidz is a challenge, both are happy, playful and doing very well. Our Vet still says it’s a miracle. If for nothing else in 2013, we are truly grateful for another year of being together. It’s tough and the hard times are not over, but we embrace the coming of 2014 with enthusiasm and hope and gratitude for our being together and for your presence here with us.

Thank you, all of you. Have a wonderful 2014.
Maus, Jake, CHo, and Moshe Moshi

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