No Such Thing as a Bad Picture

I miss film pictures.  Yes, digitally is certainly more convenient, easy to edit and store, far less expensive and with the advent of the camera phones more of life's special moments can be captured by anyone; you don't need to be a photographer or really know anything about cameras to get a great shot.

But the film had one advantage over digital, you couldn't toss bad shots.

Even for professionals of the craft, it is just so easy to just delete bad shots.  Too blurry, not the right angle, photo-bombed pics, blinked out of existence without a second thought.

I tend to keep most of my bad shots.  There were always some that I knew I couldn't salvage, but they are very few.   I can usually find a way to make bad shots work to my advantage.

Take yesterday's Halloween pic.  This is what the picture originally looked liked:

If you have a pet, you know that sometimes it was difficult to get them in a picture.  They move, jump, don't look in the right direction, reach out for the camera...etc.  If you see a picture, I took of my cats, count on there being at least 12+ so-so/bad shots to every good picture.  This one I took of Jake sitting on an office chair in my bedroom with my Galaxy Note 3 (my new big-ass phone) while laying on the floor.  Jake wouldn't hold his head up at first.  I had too much office chair, my bins of yarns in the background, Moshe Moshi's elbow, the bedroom ceiling fan light gave a glare that made my beige walls look white, obscuring the white flower and white skills on this hat.  It's a little blurry, and of course, there's the light refraction in his eyes.  I certainly could have tossed it, and no one would have been the wiser, but it was the perfect shot for Halloween.  With just a crop, a spider web overlay, some stickers and a color adjustment this photo fail becomes a win.

So think twice before you hit the delete button.  After all, photobomb pics are all the rage now.  BTW, I edited this picture in Pixlr, a free, online editor.  I used the Express version to create our poster.

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