Keeping Pets Safe from Home Hazzards

We are in a bit of a shift of sorts; Jake has taken ill with the same symptom of CKD that Maus exhibited this time last year. I am doing a bit of a serious vacuuming of every crawlspace, nook and cranny in my space looking for loose drugs or spilled chemicals. He’s doing okay, not critical.  He lost a lot of body mass.  I have been having problems to get him to gain weight after his complete dental extraction.  What was already a skinny cat became an emaciated cat rather quickly.  He is being taken care of by his Vet temp at Takoma Park Animal Clinic and we all are hoping for the best. He already feels better and is eating well, but he will end up doing the same therapy as Maus had now.

I guess we will be talking about drugs, chemical and how to keep a healthy, safe home for your pets; cautionary tale.

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