All Hallows' Evening and the Day of the Dead

 Day of the Dead or Día de los muertos is a much different and culture filled holiday than Halloween.  We reference the Day of the Dead as if it were secondary to Halloween in importance, and for the U.S. that just may be the case.  But for millions around the world, especially in Mexico and other areas where Catholicism is big the holiday holds an important link to Mesopotamia, Latino culture and a blending with their religious beliefs (both of Catholicism and so-called pagan traditions).  But I am no scholar on the subject.  Anything I really know I either get online or thorough my job, an even then it is sometimes opinion and not fact. It would be hubris for me to speak on this subject without real knowledge, so I'm leaving it up to the experts.

Photographer Adreas Stridsberg

The Smithsonian Latino Center has created an interactive website about the Day of the Dead (<- link) and I encourage you to check it out and if you find it fun or helpful or something challenging, by all means either contact the Latino Center or you can forward your questions to me and I will see that someone answers your inquiry.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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