National "Adopt a Cat" Month

Yes, there is a month set aside to adopt a cat...well...that's not altogether true.  You can take a cat home any month.  This June is expressly put aside to bring attention to all the wonderful feline fur-friends waiting for your forever company.

Needless to say, we are pretty big on the whole cat as a BFF thing.  My life is certainly more full and more fun with cats sharing their lives with me.  I wasn't always a cat person either (a confirmed dog chick until I lived with my first cat, Neo).  They are not all the aloof, evil terrors (unless you like that kinda thing).  There is a BFF out there well suited to your personality, so we encourage you to go out and meet 'em.

BTW, two can be better than one, twice the comedic relief.  If you are local to us, the Washington Animal Rescue League is ready to assist you in finding the next love of your life.

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