We're Back...Kinda

Seders are never small labor.  We do three every year; two for just family and one big one for everyone (friends, coworkers).  Lots of work but always well worth the effort.

So we have the first of the kidz outfits in.  The theme for May 18th will be Armed Forces Appreciation.  The boys got their camouflage harnesses in.  I was going to get one for Maus too, but with her being so small these days I didn't think it would suit her well.  I DID NOT want to make a camo dress (I wore BDU's like everybody else), so instead, I ordered a 1950's style dress with a patriotic theme for her.  It will double as a 4th of July outfit, so it works.  That is still in process.

It is 48 days to BlogPaws, and we are getting pretty siked!  It looks like it will be better than the last (we lost out to Earthquakes and Hurricanes the last time they came to DC) so I know I will have a great time.

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