Today is Not His Birthday

I got up this morning and did my routine; feed the naked kidz, make the bed, bathe myself, wash the naked kidz dishes and parcel out medications, coffee, shovel litter boxes, watch the news. I added a little extra this morning by not only giving the naked kidz a good wipe-down, but I also washed feet/ears and clipped nails. Jake especially did not like that this morning.

Jake is now ten years old. Today is not his birthday; yesterday was his birthday, and for the first time since I've owned him, I forgot.
I was just thinking yesterday how tired I was. I thought maybe I should take the next day off work to rejuvenate a bit and relax. I hadn't had a day where it was just me for a while. I do need it.

I came into work today going through my email, FaceBook, and daily Blog-sites when I saw that today was Daisy the Curly Cat's birthday. It was at that moment I realized I had forgotten Jake's Birthday. It's at times like these when you know things are out of control.

I know some people would say "what's a big deal," not just because he's a cat but rather thinking of the notion that forgetting hurt his feelings. That is not the reason; he is a cat after all. I have always used birthdays as I believe they were intended; a day to mark the time, to reflect on life and focus on what made the last year significant, to appreciate this life that I share. Jake is important to me, and I think I am upset because I'm not taking care of me well enough to appreciate him more with whatever time we have left.

For all the loud chatter, for all the sick days, for all the fights with your siblings and fights with me, I never regretted a moment.

Happy Belated Birthday to my little ManCat. Love you boy.

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