Today We Feast

After eight days of absolute worry, Maus ate for me.

Maus hadn’t stopped eating altogether. She just slowed down and was/is eating half of what she was when her last crisis occurred. It turns out she has another infection (UTI), so we had to treat that quickly. All of Jake’s labs came back normal except his electrolytes were off (dehydrated) so more Sub-Q fluids and a little appetite stimulation with hope would do the trick, but for Jake, it was not working well. He shied away from me every time I tried to touch him and yelled when I did. I’m sure he was just weary since every time I touched him I was either making him swallow a pill or forcing him to eat or sticking him with something. It was heartbreaking to have him scared of me. So I decided just to talk to him and tell him if he didn’t want to stay it was okay though I would miss him. But if he wanted to hang around all he had to do was eat something, and I would not pick at him as much. I told him I loved him and only wanted what he thought was best. For two more days and he still refused to eat. But then on Monday morning he woke up with me, told me something in cat-ta-ease and decided the StarKist tuna (I was out of the Whole Foods brand, so I had to give him the roommate's stuff). I warmed it for him. He only ate a bite or two, but that was progress. I still forced a bit of food on him after that and hoped it wouldn’t deter him from trying again. It was more tuna for lunch and Jake on his own stepped up and ate. A big sigh from his Mama followed.

He’s not out of the woods as the saying goes, but this was a big step. He did eat a little more this morning, and I am encouraged he will eat more for dinner and supper. Maus too had taken to eating more. She does better if I feed her several small meals over a couple of hours, but she too is eating. It looks like they both want to stay.

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