Chilly Willies

 My kitties were hugging the electric blanket this morning!  Yes, Ma'am!

It wasn't exceptionally cold; we've certainly had icier temps here.  This morning we were enduring a bit of an ice storm passing, though.  It was raining in the clouds, but the ground temperature was in the 20's, so when the rain hit the surface, it froze.  It's one thing to be cold; wet and cold is just misery personified.

We certainly were dry in our little apartment, but being on the top floor, we tend to feel the cold deeper. I'm sure it's the wind blowing on threes sides.  Since Snow-Megaton of 2010 took out my protective surrounding trees, we get the wind as a direct hit. No matter, we are all curled up and sharing the heat, we will survive.


  1. Stay cozy little kitties...rain is no fun for anyone.

  2. We're with you on that! It was 74 here yesterday and sunny (record temps!). It's currently 36 and dropping rapidly with 2-6 inches of snow predicted. Brrrrr.


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