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Sphynx cat looking into wooden box

Two sphynx cats in a wooden cat tree

This is about all I can afford at the moment, but it's paid for.  It's a fix-er upper.

Naked Adieu

Sphynx cat dressed like a Vampire
I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the passing of a naked legend.

Nofuratu, a Sphynx of the blog and FaceBook "Adventures of a Naked Cat" passed away on Saturday, October y, 2017. Nofuratu was diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM).  The blog about Nofuratu could have been an interesting read just for the information about treating a cat with HCM.  But rather than focus on the struggle, Nofurau's pet parents chose to show the joy of living with this amazing cat.

When Moshe Moshi first came into my life, I had Jake and Maus for about 18 months.  I did not at that time have a stroller or made a habit of taking the cats outside to walk.  It was only after seeing Nofuratu post on the beach and at conventions did I gather the courage to take the cats around town with me.  Though I was a blogger before I went cat crazy, Nofuratu's example was directly responsible for the blog you read today.

I am immensely grateful to Nofuratu's pet parents sharing their naked kid with me and the rest of the internet.  Their fight to provide Nofur, Vlad, Reinfield and Count happy lives shows in every post.

I will miss you. See you on the other side.

We Are Making Progress

sphynx cats on a bed

As the cats continue to get to know each other's habits and territory, we are making progress.  Lexi is far less combative.  YaYa is still timid about joining in, but this morning she jumped up on the bed, on her own to jin the rest on my bed after breakfast.  This act is major.  No hissing, no growling, just laid down and took a nap.  I fought hard to contain my excitement over this; I slowly picked up the iPhone and made a couple of quick pictures. I couldn't be happier with how well they are doing.

four sphynx cats on a bed

We still have a long way to go.  I have found out some troubling information about YaYa & Gomi's past situation.  Neglect and abuse, no matter how slight can affect a pet's psyche for years.  The two have developed some habits reflective of their neglect that I will have to work through.  However, I am hopeful I can provide an environment where they will finally feel safe and loved.

Gomi on #Armarkat cat tree

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